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TEstimonial Heath Marker, Chief of Operations - Web Agency, Canada
"Getting to the right client is not a cake walk in the INTERNET world. For us, it is of prime importance as our business grows directly with the number of visitors coming to our website...

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  B2B and B2C Email appending

Getting missing email addresses appended to your customer database makes your marketing campaigns stronger. It enhances your in-house customer database and makes it more active and accurate.

Data Entrepreneurship's B2B email appending service will append corporate email addresses of your prospects from across various industries. The top level executives, especially from the IT sector can be reached and impressed through email marketing.

Data Entrepreneurship's B2C email appending service will append the personal email addresses of your target audience. Recent researches say that more and more people are preferring shopping online and acquiring their email addresses is the first step towards reaching them.

Gains from our email appending services:
  • Understanding client's products/services.
  • Permission-based email contacts only.
  • High match rates
  • “Welcome, permission-seeking” mail will be send to the new contacts.
  • No payment for undelivered contacts.
  • Complete data security and no data sharing without your consent.

Contact us today to gain the most from our email appending services. Call us at 866-978-6241 or email at: [email protected]